Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil (Bottle)

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We are excited to offer this wonderful Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil from Malton in both 250ml and 500ml bottles and refills!

Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil is pressed and bottled on Adam Palmer’s family farm in Thixendale. Grown on the mild chalky souls of the Yorkshire Wolds, this oil offers a gentle nutty flavour. With only half the saturated fat of olive oil and a high burn point, Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil is versatile ideal for all your culinary needs.

Refills are priced at just 35p per 50ml, you can bring your own bottle to the shop and we will fill it up for you. What’s even better is that once our container is empty, Yorkshire Rapeseed will take it back for refilling. Circular system, locally made oil! Amazing!

Prefilled glass bottles can be returned to us for refilling with our delivery system.

Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil

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