Mr Organic Italian Naturally Sweetened Organic Ketchup (480g)

Brimming with tomatoes!
They squeeze more than 30 Italian sun-ripened tomatoes in each bottle!

– Great Taste Awarded
– Organic & Natural
– Vegan & Vegetarian
– Gluten Free
– BPA Free Packaging
– Zero Air Miles

Great Taste award-winning Tomato Ketchup packed full of juicy, organic sun-ripened tomatoes!

This ketchup is made at Mr Organic’s own sustainable production base next to their farms in Italy using sun-ripened tomatoes and they can track each tomato back to the field in which it was grown. They build long-lasting relationships with their farmers and when it comes to selecting our food. To top it off, all their tomatoes are always packed within a few hours of harvest, keeping their flavour and freshness fully intact.

Italian Organic Ketchup
Ingredients – Italian Organic Tomatoes (80%), Sugar, Vinegar, Sea Salt*, Onion, Spices. 
*=Permitted non-organic ingredient 

Naturally Sweetened Italian Organic Ketchup
Ingredients – Italian Organic Sun Tomatoes (73%), Apple Juice, Apple Vinegar, Sea Salt, Corn Starch, Spices. 
*=Permitted non-organic ingredient 

Allergens - None 

Packaging - Fully recyclable/reusable jar

Mr Organic Italian Ketchup (Organic, 480g)




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