Lily and Matilda and The Lost Tomato is a lovely children’s book written by York resident Joanne Williamson inspired by her pet chickens. 

The book introduces your little ones to Lily and Matilda and follows their adventures when they discover a tomato growing in their garden. 

Lily finds a tomato but doesn’t want to share it with Matilda. The two friends squabble over the tomato and it falls into a pond which makes them sad. 

A few days later they come across another tomato. But what will they do? Have they learnt their lesson to share? 

The book even has eggs for page numbers so your little ones can count their way through the book. 

What’s even better is that you can follow Lily and Matilda on Instagram to get updates on their adventures and fun. 

Lily & Matilda and The Lost Tomato




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