Packaging and Circular System

Pre-Packaged Food

We do not stock foods which contain single use plastic. If we can't find a suitable alternative, we simply won't stock it. We have a range of pre-packed foods for you to choose from, these either come in cardboard/paper, glass jars, tins or home compostable wraps.

Loose Foods

We have a huge range of loose herbs, spices, cereals, cupboard essentials, sweets, nuts & seeds, baking essentials and much more for you to choose from! Simply select the amount you need when ordering and we will pack it for you.

Although we'd like to think we are weighing ninjas, we won't always be able to weigh the exact amount for your order. However, we guarantee you will never be given less than you have paid for.

If you shop in store, we can dispense loose foods into your own containers as long as they are clean and suitable. However, if you don't bring containers or you're shopping online, all items will be packed in recyclable paper/greaseproof paper bags or home compostable cellulose bags. You can either recycle/compost these at home or return them to us.

In the long term we hope to provide a circular food packaging system where containers are returned, sterilised and reused.

Liquid Refill Circular System

All of our liquid refills such as washing up liquid, liquid detergent, hand soap etc are provided with a simple circular packaging system. You will be able to purchase your items in new containers or bring your own to refill in store.

If ordering online you can still use our circular system, we will simply take back your containers when empty.

As part of our refill system, if you purchase a glass or recycled plastic bottle from us and return it when empty, we will give you reward points as part of our loyalty scheme. We will then clean, sterilize them and reuse them.

All of the 20l liquid refill containers we use in store are returned to our suppliers when empty to be refilled, repurposed or properly recycled. So you know that no packaging has gone to landfill - how amazing is that?! A full closed loop system!