Frenchic Paint

Reuse, Repair and Reduce is at the heart of what we do, so we were very excited to be able to stock Frenchic Paint! This fabulous paint is water based, planet friendly and made in the UK! You can follow Frenchic on social media for inspiration or watch their YouTube Channel for tips.

Original Artisan Paint Range

Easy for beginners, choice of professionals, Frenchic Original Artisan Range is a traditional style, eco-friendly, chalk and mineral paint.

Rich, creamy and self-priming, the Original Artisan Range offers superior coverage with minimal VOC content and virtually no odour.

You can create almost endless decorative effects – let your imagination loose with texture and multiple colour layers for an eclectic, rustic or antique look or go for a sleek, smooth finish.

Safe to use on children’s toys.

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The Lazy Paint Range

The Lazy Range is an innovative, award-winning, eco-friendly, chalk and mineral paint with a unique wax infusion.

Requires only simple preparation, it is self-priming, self-levelling (therefore little to no brush marks) and self-sealing with excellent coverage.

Certified safe for use on children’s toys. It’s also water resistant, so a great choice for kitchen cupboards or many other types of interior furniture.

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Al Fresco Inside / outside paint range

The Al Fresco Inside/Outside Range is a water based, durable, weatherproof, UV resistant chalk and mineral paint specifically developed to transform your garden or indoor furniture.

Requiring simple preparation, it is self-levelling (meaning little to no brush marks), self-priming and self-sealing with excellent coverage.

With a very low, almost flat finish, suitable for wood, laminate, UPVC and metal, it is a great choice for your kitchen, bathroom, front door or just about any type of garden furniture. It is also safe for kids toys

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Chalk Wall Paint

Frenchic Chalk Wall Paint is velvety, luxurious and practical! Ultra-matte with excellent coverage, this revolutionary product is durable, breathable and totally scrubbable with minimal VOCs and virtually no odour.

But it’s not just for walls! It is also great for ceilings and other interior surfaces like woodwork, ceramic wall tiles and wood or concrete floors!

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Trim Paint

Frenchic Trim Paint has a lovely, subtle satin sheen that’s perfect for skirtings, doors and radiators.

It also works fantastically as a satin furniture paint for other interior surfaces including kitchen cupboards.

Water-based with high scuff-resistance, low VOC content, UKCA and EN 71-3 certification, it is ideal for nurseries – or any other room for that matter!

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Smooth and densely pigmented lustrous metallic paint, formulated for adding shimmer and patina to your projects! Fun and simple to use for stunning effects - highlighting detail, edging, handles, mouldings and more.

Add glamour with stencils or masking tape and let your creativity take over! Eco-friendly, water-based and with minimal VOC content, suitable for interior or exterior use on a wide range of hard surfaces including wood furniture, laminate, metal, concrete, glass and leather.

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Frenchic Frensheen is a natural mineral powder for adding 'pizzazz' to your painted furniture - embellish with decorative details, update handles, highlight carving....and so much more,

Available in 5 metallic colours – Bronze, Copper, Gold, Green and Silver. Mix the desired amount with your choice of Frenchic top coat to form a paint consistency or with Clear Wax. The more added the bolder the colour.

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Sealants, Top Coats, Waxes & Easy Crackle

Whether you need to seal, add protection or apply a decorative effect, the Frenchic range of sealants has your projects covered! Four fabulous, buttery waxes to inspire your creativity plus Finishing Coat and Tuff Top Coat, two highly durable and versatile top coats.

Easy Crackle allows you to create a cracked, aged appearance. Simply apply, allow to dry thoroughly, paint over with any Frenchic range and watch the crackle effect develop in front of your eyes!

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Brushes, Sugar Soap & Accessories

Frenchic Paint Brushes are handcrafted in Italy using time honoured methods and traditions. We have a wide selection of brush types for all project types

Frenchic Sugar Soap is specially formulated to clean and prepare all surfaces prior to painting.

Add amazing patterns to your furniture without the hassle of hand-painting using these reusable Frenchic stencils.

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