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Pineapple (diced, 100g)

Pineapple (diced, 100g)

£1 per 100g portion Ingredients Pineapple, SULPHUR DIOXIDE Allergens: SULPHUR DIOXIDE

Ground Cinnamon (55g)

Approx 14 teaspoons per 55g (spice jar) Ingredients - Cinnamon Allergens - None Uses - A wide range of uses such as in coffee, porridge, to infuse rice, or flavour...
Cinnamon Quills (short x4)

Cinnamon Quills (short x4)

4x cinnamon sticks (roughly 20g)Ingredients - Cinnamon Allergens - None Uses - Can be uses as a full stick in coffee, porridge, to infuse rice, or flavour stews and meats. Alternatively if you only...

Ground Ginger (35g)

Approx 11 teaspoons per 35g (spice jar) Ingredients - Ginger, Ground Allergens - None Uses - Use to make delicious gingerbread and spice things up for winter. Also used for...
Mixed Spice (45g)
£1.10 £0.70

Mixed Spice (45g)

Approx 12 teaspoons per 45g (spice jar) Ingredients - Mixed Spice - Coriander, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, fennel, cloves, cardamom. Allergens - None Uses - A traditional British spice mix used...
Ground Cloves (65g)
£1.50 £1.00

Ground Cloves (65g)

Approx 14 teaspoons per 65g (spice jar) Ingredients - Cloves ground Allergens - None Packaging - This product will be delivered in either a recyclable paper bag or home compostable...

Ground Nutmeg (60g)

Approx 12 teaspoons per 60g (spice jar) Ingredients - Nutmeg Allergens - None Uses - Essential for bechamel sauce. Also goes great with stewed fruit, custard, curries, sauces, pasta or...
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