Vegan Banana & Hazelnut Cake

Indulge in this delicious easy to make cake! Don't like walnuts? Just replace them with your preferred nut. 

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Crunchy, Chocolatey and Oaty Florentines

These melt-in-the-mouth oaty florentines, crunchy, fruity chocolate-covered lacy webs of oaty goodness are the perfect treat and is really easy to make.  This recipe is vegan friendly. Will keep for a week...

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Cat’s Yummy Choc Brownies

These chocolate brownies are my favorite thing to bake as they are quick to prep, super simple and absolutely delicious!    If I can bake them anyone can! 

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Quick Honey and Oat Cookies!

A big thank you to Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil for sharing this fab cookie recipe with us. They are super easy to make, helping keep the little or big kids entertained!

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